Return policy of Sofani :

  1. 15 days return policy, after 15 days product cannot be return
  2. Customer should pack the parcel in the same cartoon which he/she had received otherwise re-pick up cannot be done from our end
  3. If the parcel is not damaged and received in fine condition then it cannot be returned
  4. In the case of damaged product, submission of photo and a small video has to be submitted from the customer end
  5. Cancellation in case of wrong product: if the product does not match with the specifications as per your original order, raise the issue in duration of 48hr & report it to support.
  6. Product purchased on discount or during sale can cannot be cancelled

 Refund policy of Sofani :

  1. Refund can be done when the product has been picked up from the customer end
  2. 20% amount will be deducted in the case of customer canceled  when the order is in transit
  3. Refund can only be done in the case of customer received the damage product
  4. If customer purchase more than one product and received one of the product damage then he/she can apply for refund of that particular product only
  5. Refund will be initiated via NEFT, cash or by the way payment was originally made.
  6. Depending on the orders, the processing charges might be deducted.